KONO, WAIKAWA and PUTIPUTI – Baskets and Flowers

KONO are small baskets usually woven from undressed Harakeke.

Here are two examples of Kono made from dyed and boiled strips of Harakeke and decorated with shells.

Blue Kono

25 cm diameter

shades of blue & natural Harakeke & shell

Wine-Coloured  Kono

27 cm diameter

shades of wine-colour & natural Harakeke & shell

WAIKAWA are rough baskets woven from undressed Harakeke traditionally used to carry and store food. Here are two examples of such Waikawa.

Waikawa with Handles

34 cm diameter x 26 cm high

undressed Harakeke & shells

Simply Waikawa

37 cm diameter x 28 cm high

undressed Harakeke & shell

He Pīwakawaka  –  Fantails

made from undressed strips of Harakeke

He Kōmore – Bangles

made from undressed and dyed Harakeke

Putiputi – Flowers

made from dyed  Harakeke

Sculptural Flowers made from Harakeke


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