Kete Pikau – Māori Backpack

Traditional Kete Pikau – Māori backpacks – are plaited from natural or dyed strips of Harakeke featuring similiar pattern like Kete Whakairo.

Shoulder straps are made of strong 4-ply round or flat Whiri – plaits.

Kete Pikau – Backpack


(with tooth-like pattern)

purple & natural, with shell toggle

37 cm high & 33 cm wide

Kete Pikau – Backpack


purple, light blue, turquois & natural

37 cm high & 34 cm wide

with lid & shell toggle

Kete Pikau – Backpack

Pango & Mā

black & natural with shell toggle

38 cm high & 34 cm wide

Prices range from 85 NZ$ – 150 NZ$

If you are interested in purchasing such a Kete Pikau please contact me:

Anne Eddy


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